They Came Together (2014)… “Why don’t you just take a jerk, you hike!”


My rating: 6

IMDB rating: 5.5

IMDB link: They Came Together

Dearest reader,

The premise for this movie is quite seminal; let’s take everything wrong with the RomCom genre and movie industry in general, blow it up to larger-than-life proportions and show it to the average movie-goer hoping that they would recognise themselves… Was it successful? I am honestly not sure!

Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd, comedy heavyweights, star in this ridiculous romantic comedy that parodies everything we have come to love about the genre. It soon becomes clear that this movie has a very direct message: This is how ridiculous you would look trying to fashion your relationships around the fantasies of the RomCom.

The question for me is, are we not overestimating the general viewing public? Hollywood is very much built on the foundations of fantasy. The influx of RomComs, in especially the 1990’s to early 2000’s, is built around the idea that you can be a romantic hero. You can be the clumsy girl with awkward fashion sense and still find a prince. But are we ready to break through that idealism?

A friend of mind is currently doing a thesis on the changing state of the Disney princesses. Disney, is also very much built on the fairy tale/fantasy assertion. Looking at the princesses, we see that Disney is also venturing into creating the more liberated princess, breaking the usual “damsel-in-distress” mould. And let’s face it, Disney has for a long time not been for children only.

After considering this, it is maybe fair to say that this film is maybe exactly what the industry needed. We live in a (post-) postmodern world where everything has been done before and subsequently everything goes and therefore, I think, we need to embrace cultural explorations such as these.

(The poster is one of the most funniest things about this movie, be sure to check it out)

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