Wild Things (1998)… Where did she get the shoes? “Whores for less”?


Wild Things

My rating: 7

IMDB rating: 6.5

IMDB link: Wild Things

Dearest reader,

I love films like these that sparked such a controversy when they were initially released that they achieved cult status through the years and still get referenced in several of today’s films.

This raunchy, smoking-hot film features a cast that contains something for everyone’s fantasy. In fact, in his review Roger Ebert calls it a

“...three-way collision between a softcore sex film, a soap opera and a B-grade noir.”

There are literally no leads in this film, that has not got some or other aesthetic value. Kevin Bacon, who I have the biggest crush on, gives just a little taste of what I consider to be his best role, that was yet to come, as Ryan Hardy in The Following.

The plot, which starts out as your regular clear-cut antagonist-protagonist situation is thrown completely of the map when the different betrayals are revealed. One is never sure when and who exactly is in control; it is a constant steering between not only the sexes, but also the authority figures and the manipulation of said structures of authority.

Is it more than a highly sexed web of lies? Does it really need to be? I think the charm in this film lies in the fact that while on the one hand it is a celebration of youth, it is on the other hand a study on the corruption of youth and its subsequent betrayals. While the over-arching theme undermines both these theories by simply sticking to the fact that no one is ever to be trusted.

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