Mr Morgan’s Last Love (2013)… You know when you love something so much you start to hate it?


Mr Morgans last love

My rating: 5

IMDB rating: 6.9

IMDB link: Mr. Morgan’s Last Love

Dearest reader,

This film definitely had the potential to be great. It has Michael Caine and the beautiful Clémence Poésy who tackles the themes of loneliness, old-age and friendship.

Unfortunately, this film was nothing more than an almost two hour cliche. Loving art house films, I am no stranger to films that tend to drag along a bit, but this film was absolutely gut-wrenchingly slow.

Time, which is definitely an important part of this film, is implemented as a metaphor for the fluidity of time and its static state during old age. The problem is that the viewer is sacrificed in this metaphor.

Although we would not like to know this about ourselves, we have become highly commercialized and is used to a constant stream of action that is visually represented to us. Watching something this slow, undermines the narrative (especially with regard to modern viewers) in such a way that the filmic text is lost.

The movie could also have ended about 30 minutes earlier than it actually did. The last part of this film irrevocably pushes the film into the cliche category. One must never underestimate the power of an open ending as well as a surprise ending.

The film which is based on a book, must therefore to a certain extent stay true to its source text. For me it would be interesting to see how these two mediums differ and why he perhaps chose to stay true to the source ending instead of a more ‘mainstream ending’.

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Mr. Morgan’s Last Love is just too depressing.


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