We’re the Millers (2013)… You can buy a house and run away from it.



My rating: 6

IMDB rating: 7.1

IMDB link: We’re the Millers

Dearest reader,

Full disclosure: this is not my type of movie at all! And after The Hangover, I cannot stand Jason Sudeikis. His type of comedy is just not that funny to me.

That being said, I watched this movie as a distraction from pre-conference jitters and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised! The jokes were quite original, the characterization (which in comedy is most important) was quite good and the dialogue very witty.

Thinking about it, there are quite a few comedies nowadays that challenge the position of the nuclear family. The typical American family is satirized, not only by the Millers, but also by the Fitzgeralds. Sexuality, especially, is one of the mediums through which this challenging of the traditional family is achieved.

In this sense these comedies, like this movie and for example Neighbors (starring Zac Efron and Seth Rogen) is part of a sexual revolution which the traditional sealed marital bed is undergoing.

Back at home in South Africa, which is still extremely Calvinistic, these issues are still “sealed” and definitely never satirized. The emphasis on the sexual is seen as a very nasty Hollywood by-product that everyone should avoid as it compromises purity.

In this sense, I think that comedies such as this plays a big part in the sexual liberation of the US (and perhaps even the rest of the world). Being able to joke about these issues show a certain healthy distance from the problem that can aid in the liberation process.

All in all, I think this film is worth the watch as it does not only provide some much needed comic relief, it also forms part of a bigger picture that is certainly very important in my country.

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Wild Things (1998)… Where did she get the shoes? “Whores for less”?


Wild Things

My rating: 7

IMDB rating: 6.5

IMDB link: Wild Things

Dearest reader,

I love films like these that sparked such a controversy when they were initially released that they achieved cult status through the years and still get referenced in several of today’s films.

This raunchy, smoking-hot film features a cast that contains something for everyone’s fantasy. In fact, in his review Roger Ebert calls it a

“...three-way collision between a softcore sex film, a soap opera and a B-grade noir.”

There are literally no leads in this film, that has not got some or other aesthetic value. Kevin Bacon, who I have the biggest crush on, gives just a little taste of what I consider to be his best role, that was yet to come, as Ryan Hardy in The Following.

The plot, which starts out as your regular clear-cut antagonist-protagonist situation is thrown completely of the map when the different betrayals are revealed. One is never sure when and who exactly is in control; it is a constant steering between not only the sexes, but also the authority figures and the manipulation of said structures of authority.

Is it more than a highly sexed web of lies? Does it really need to be? I think the charm in this film lies in the fact that while on the one hand it is a celebration of youth, it is on the other hand a study on the corruption of youth and its subsequent betrayals. While the over-arching theme undermines both these theories by simply sticking to the fact that no one is ever to be trusted.

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Begin Again (2013)… Musicians for the most part are monosyllabic teenagers who really don’t have a whole lot to say.


Begin Again

My rating: 8

IMDB rating: 7.6

IMDB link: Begin Again

Dearest reader,

I have to admit that I was somewhat afraid to watch this film. Watching director John Carney’s second “big” musical and this time mainstream musical, seem to me like a cliche in the making… but I was pleasantly surprised!!

Everything that I felt wrong with Once (his previous film, that I also reviewed) was addressed in this film; the slow-moving narrative was replaced by a flowing attention-grabbing plot, the shaky-cam was traded for beautiful shots of New York City and contemporary hipster culture, fitting to the music, was emphasized. The director did not betray himself to the mainstream though, as with Once this film is also about (different) heartbreaks and its (different) impacts.

Both films also trade their feel-good, happy ending for a consuming finish that really gives no final resolution. As with Once, the relationship between the main characters does not grow into love, it rather reinstates certain loves already present in their lives.

Looking at the actors; I would definitely say that the biggest surprise is Mark Ruffalo. He achieves that delicate mix between sympathy for and anger towards the main character that always make for a very convincing lead. His artistic notions and the way he views music, places the viewer in a very exciting position as witness to his philosophical journey back to the true meaning of music.

In South Africa, where I live, they also make musicals (believe it or not), but it is seldom any good because the lyrics to the songs that need to contribute to the narrative, is just simply too forced. But with this film, every song plays his part as supporter of the over-arching narrative and surprises with lyrics like:

“Don’t you dare let all our best memories bring you sorrow
Yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer
Turn the page maybe we’ll find a brand new ending
Where we’re dancing in our tears…”~ Lost Stars (Adam Levine)

All in all, I would definitely recommend this unique musical that features some beautiful camera work, great acting and an overall lack of RomCom cliches.

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Mr Morgan’s Last Love (2013)… You know when you love something so much you start to hate it?


Mr Morgans last love

My rating: 5

IMDB rating: 6.9

IMDB link: Mr. Morgan’s Last Love

Dearest reader,

This film definitely had the potential to be great. It has Michael Caine and the beautiful Clémence Poésy who tackles the themes of loneliness, old-age and friendship.

Unfortunately, this film was nothing more than an almost two hour cliche. Loving art house films, I am no stranger to films that tend to drag along a bit, but this film was absolutely gut-wrenchingly slow.

Time, which is definitely an important part of this film, is implemented as a metaphor for the fluidity of time and its static state during old age. The problem is that the viewer is sacrificed in this metaphor.

Although we would not like to know this about ourselves, we have become highly commercialized and is used to a constant stream of action that is visually represented to us. Watching something this slow, undermines the narrative (especially with regard to modern viewers) in such a way that the filmic text is lost.

The movie could also have ended about 30 minutes earlier than it actually did. The last part of this film irrevocably pushes the film into the cliche category. One must never underestimate the power of an open ending as well as a surprise ending.

The film which is based on a book, must therefore to a certain extent stay true to its source text. For me it would be interesting to see how these two mediums differ and why he perhaps chose to stay true to the source ending instead of a more ‘mainstream ending’.

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