Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)… I’m pretty sure the answer is “I am Groot”.


Guardians of the Galaxy

My rating: 7

IMDB rating: 8.7

IMDB link: Guardians of the Galaxy

Dearest reader,

What a surprisingly enjoyable film! Although I am an avid Marvel fan, I have never given much thought to these guardians. With what is probably the most bizarre ensemble of characters, this movie creates a world that at first seem ridiculously complicated, but in the end proves to be much more understandable than ,for example, Thor’s world (but that probably says more about me than the movies).

The humour in this movie is ridiculous! It is clever comedy that literally had me laughing out loud every minute or so. Chris Pratt, who have escaped my notice until now, kills it in this role as ‘Star-Lord’, a half-human, half-something-terribly-old. He literally seems born to play this role. Most of the other guardians also gets up to the challenge, although the character of Gamora is something of a bust for me. I am not sure how she is portrayed in the comics, but against the guardians she kind of just slips away.

The soundtrack of this film is of course amazing. Partly because music plays such a big part in this film, but also because it is Peter’s biggest connection to earth and his humanity. There is also a sort of, not only nostalgic element to the music, but also a ‘humanising’ element as it is intrinsically linked to Peter, almost taking the part of his ‘superpower’.

In true Marvel style, our hero has no real family or his connection to his true parents are very scarce. He also, in true Marvel fashion, finds a new family and/or love (the guardians/ Gamora) and finally finds a place where he belongs. In the movie there are already hints to a sequel, so I will look forward to what they have to offer next.

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