Before Sunrise (1995)… in celebration of Richard Linklater’s Boyhood


Before Sunrise

My rating: 8

IMDB rating: 8.1

IMDB link: Before Sunrise

Dearest reader,

In celebration of Richard Linklater’s revolutionary film Boyhood, which studies the physical and emotional growth of a boy from boyhood to manhood, that hits our screens later this year, I’ve decided to watch his most famous work, which is of course the Before-series.

This will be the first time that I am watching these films and consequently I will be analysing them from a young adult (18-25) point of view. In other words, the age of the characters in the first movie. I believe that the idea with this trilogy was not only to have the characters grow and evolve in front of you, but you as a viewer must also evolve. It will therefore be best to watch each of these films 9years apart as you will be a different person, and be in a different time in your life- just like them.

The story follows around the classic Romeo and Juliet narrative with reminiscence of the dawn song of the Middle Ages. The two lovers meet and it is love at first sight. There is an initial wooing stage followed by a night spent in lover’s bliss. However, they are constantly reminded of the impending morning and its ability to rip them apart. The morning comes like a thieve, stealing their joy, leaving them with only the promises they made to each other.

This film contains a lot of ideology, femininity, discourse on the nature of relationships, a definite believe in destiny and more than that, the naive promise of young love. One is definitely constantly aware of the impending destruction of the relationship by youth, space, commitment, fantasy and naivety. Just as easily as Celine decided to stay with Jesse in Vienna, she can change her mind about him, because that is how changeable the young heart is.

As a viewer, you get washed away by this head-over-heals impulsive, life-changing young love. Although most of their time is spent talking, devoid of any real action, you are hooked by their words and the way that they explore one another. What a brilliant film- a must-see!

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