Divergent (2014)… dystopian encounters of a totalitarian kind



My rating: 7

IMDB rating: 7.2

IMDB link: Divergent

Dearest reader,

I thoroughly enjoyed this action-packed, dystopian, alternative reality movie that in some ways  are similar to the beloved Hunger Games and in some ways completely new! I walked into this movie not knowing what to expect as I did not read anything on the movie beforehand, but I was pleasantly surprised by the whole premise of the film.

At first you get the feeling that Shailene Woodley is not going to pull this off at all. Playing the ‘other’, the odd one out in her parents’ faction, she seems emotionless and disconnected from her surroundings and the tasks at hand. When going for the ‘test’ she declares that she is afraid of the test showing that she is actually meant for another faction, but more than that, she fears of being tested for her current faction even more. It is then when the viewer start to understand more of her closeted existence.

She is, of course, a divergent and have not yet even begun to discover all the possibilities alive within her. Following her childhood dream, she joins the ‘protector faction’ and finds that with a lot of training that she could fit in with them. Just like Katniss, she is fiercely loyal, determined and willing to sacrifice anything for those she love. She is, I have to say, not such a frustrating martyr as Katniss, she faces the confusion that surrounds her head-on and although she is often betrayed by those she love, she keeps her focus on the true goal.

Another thing I loved about this movie was that although you know Triss is a divergent, you are never sure who else is a divergent and believe me, everyone is under suspicion! As you try to figure out the confusing mix of loyalties, disloyalties, politics and love, some divergents, who you never would have suspected, reveal themselves.

My absolute favourite thing about this film, was the fact that there was no love triangle shadowing the main plot. Triss and Four nearly immediately fall in love and against all odds they stick it out, and it almost seems that their relationship is not the main focus, but rather the question surrounding the divergents, the massacre of their original faction and the overthrowing of the current system.

Several reviews criticise the movie for providing an overload of information about the politics and the factions and therefore stealing some time from the main plot. I think, though, that the way in which this world is set up is very interesting and an explanation that goes into such detail is a good foundation for the following three movies. I would definitely recommend this movie to almost everyone as it nearly covers all the major genres and in doing so provides us with a very entertaining film.

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