Can’t buy me love (1987)… just kiss me at the aeroplane graveyard


Can't buy me love

My rating: 7

IMDB rating: 6.7

IMDB link:

Dearest reader,

If life was fair, it would be an 80’s love film! Although this film most definitely does not have the same depth as something like for example The Grand Budapest Hotel , it has something that a film today can never have- a beautiful (wholesome) love story, that is also a great period piece and that still keeps the romantic-comedy genre something of a phenomenon.

In this movie Patrick Dempsey’s character portrays the role of a nerdish boy who makes a deal with a popular cheerleader to heighten his popularity. As he soon learns, the price is much steeper than the original $1000, there is also the price one pays to ‘fit in’…

What I mean by this is that one of the major themes in this movie is teenage identity formation as well as the loss of identity due to a certain amount of social conformity. The movie certainly explores this in a way that sends out a warning, but does so in a very ‘cool’ and relateable way which make it quite effective.

Something that did bother me in this movie, was the roles that the women were assigned. The women are never seen standing up for themselves, it is always the men intervening for them. Cindy also keeps on waiting for a man who never calls and when he does come to town, he dumps her for her ‘infidelity’ while his indiscretions at college is never explored.

A lovely film that is definitely up there with the great 80’s love-films.

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