22 Jump Street (2014)… ohhh these guilty pleasures!


22 Jump Street

My rating: 6

IMDB rating: 8.0

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2294449/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Dearest reader,

The best thing you can do after watching this film, is watching this review by @jeremyjahns on Youtube:

 22 Jump Street: Jeremy Jahns Reviews

First of all, I loved 21 Jump Street, you would think that ‘love’ is a very strong word here, but it actually is not strong enough! This film just renewed the whole buddy-cop movie genre in such a way that if another Starsky & Hutch remake would suddenly appear and Hill and Tatum does not get the parts, I would not go and watch it. These two just have the most amazing chemistry on-screen.

That being said, it kind of feels to me that this movie intentionally set out to not be as good as the first movie. And no, I did not just think of that all by myself, it is literally said in the movie over and over again. The plot is exactly the same as the first movie, except that Hill is now the odd one out. They even get the same undercover identities.

Their relationship is very comically explored in this film, while the first film only hints at a kind of inter-dependent play on a stereotypical heterosexual relationship, the second film does so obviously and explicitly, which makes for great comedy. What I really missed in this film, and it was such a huge part of the first film, was that typical, dry, Jonah Hill-type of humor that literally kept you gasping for air as you laughed and laughed. It seems as though he was quite intentionally toned down in this film which is quite a shame.

Not to include any spoilers, but all credit goes to the production and marketing team who not only left the ‘twist’/ the funniest part of this movie out of the trailer, but out of the press as well. Also, if you are still going to watch this film, keep seated for the credits as they are almost the funniest part.

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One thought on “22 Jump Street (2014)… ohhh these guilty pleasures!

  1. MJ

    Much has been made of this movie’s supposed clever humor in poking fun at sequels, at bromances-mistaken-for-gay-relationships and at prison rape (especially with some transphobic jokes thrown in for good measure). Honestly, this piece of crap is over-analyzed. It’s nothing more than a string of mindless, infantile, homophobic jokes mixed in with the same “duo had trouble fitting in at school” crap that wasn’t funny in “21”. Given the prison rape humor I mentioned, it’s frustrating to see so many women find this shit funny while whining about rape culture with regard to females.

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