Minoes (2001)… Annie M.G. Schmidt & Carice van Houten!




My rating: 7

IMDB rating: 7.0

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0279231/?ref_=ttmd_md_nm

Dearest reader,

If you do not know who Annie M.G. Schmidt is, it definitely is worth looking up right know. She is one of the most famous Dutch writers to emerge from the twentieth century. She also had a very large range of mediums that she worked with; she wrote novels, TV series, lyrics and poetry. Her most famous work probably is the children’s novels Jip en Janneke.

While doing a comparison between Dutch and my native tongue Afrikaans, it is sometimes easy to see that our main differences rely on social incompatibilities rather than complicated language rules. One of the main differences therefore being that while South Africa is a quite conservative country, the Netherlands are more relieved.

Therefore, what got me interested in the work of Schmidt was the fact that as a Dutch youth literature author, she is allowed a certain amount of freedom to write about issues whether they are more commonly understood by adults. Being from a more conservative South African background, our authors are more restricted in terms of topics. These stories usually reflect the “ideal morals” of society rather than exposing the reader to relevant issues that also applies to the life of children.

That does not mean that Schmidt writes above the level of a child, in fact she introduces these more ‘grown-up’ issues in such a way that children are introduced to these moral dilemmas.

Minoes is a typical children fiction movie, that can also be enjoyed by adults. It is the story of a cat who by some miracle gets changed into a human. She then tries to survive in this human world and in the process meets Tibbe, a journalist, whose career she helps boost by sharing the news that the cats see their human companions do. Through this the (child) viewer is introduced to the concept of corruption, manipulation, love and mutual respect.

Carice van Houten plays the role of Minoes. I first saw her in a Dutch produced movie about the South African poet Ingrid Jonker called Black Butterflies, where she was absolutely amazing. But if you are wondering where you know her from, it is most  probably from Game of Thrones where she plays the Red Woman, Melisandre.

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