Frozen (2013)… reliving the enjoyment



My rating: 8

IMDB rating: 7.9

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Dearest reader,

Our winter in South Africa is now in full swing and therefore I want nothing more than to snuggle up with coffee and a good movie, and sometimes it helps when that movie is also about winter…

This is probably the fourth time that I have watched this film and like the great animation classics (for example: The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast and Shrek), I can watch this film over and over again and still find something new to love about it, every time.

But this time I just once again picked up on the feminist perspective that this film takes. What makes it so successful is that the film does it so subtly that someone ignorant of these perspectives would not really pick up on it, but for a more trained feminist-ear, it truly is music to the ears.

I specifically want to comment on two scenes involving Anna, where this perspective is emphasised. I also want to make a ‘coming-of-age’ kind of reading of her character. The first scene that I was talking about, was the one where Elsa (and later Kristoff) makes it clear to her that one does not marry someone that you have just met. In terms of the very male dependant princesses we’ve had over the last decade it really is refreshing to see one with more modern points of view. By making this rash decision, and also by leaving her whole country in his hands without a second thought, really emphasises her immaturity and Elsa’s strong independence.

The second scene that, to me, is relevant is the scene where Anna performs an act of true love and in doing so saves herself. She not only takes a feminine standpoint, but she does it while simultaneously ‘coming-of-age’.

Think about it…. the immature, love-stricken Anna singing Love is an Open Door has transformed into a realistic, responsible princess who not only chooses to save her sister above herself, but who also takes a stand for her own heart by punching Hans, and all this from a feminine viewpoint?? What a brilliant movie!

As with all great animations, the humour in this film is just superb. You literally keep laughing out loud, embarrassing yourself over and over again. Of course, you cannot mention this movie without noting its music; every song is beautifully written, catchy and/or dreamy.

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