Say Anything (1989)… standing with a boombox in front of my window


Say Anything

My rating: 9

IMDB rating: 7.5

IMDB link:

Dearest reader,

Staying with Cameron Crowe  this week (I reviewed his Almost Famous earlier this week), I watched this iconic coming-of-age film, Crowe’s first movie. The image of John Cusack standing by his car holding the boombox over his head has certainly become a very recognisable symbol of love.

But, to me, this is not the most interesting thing about this movie. What makes this movie so unique is the fact that the person who ‘comes-of-age’ is not the narrator. We, as the audience, view this story from Lloyd’s perspective and Lloyd is watching Diane come of age. Lloyd does not change her, ohhh no, he just helps her establish a personality away from her father, which is normal for a girl her age. In other word, Lloyd is her ‘coming-of-age catalyst’.

Neither of these two characters, though, are the most relate-able characters in this film. No, that character would most definitely be Corey. She writes 65 songs for her lost first love and I cannot help but recognise myself in that pining. The actress, Lili Taylor, portrays the character so well that you can literally feel her tense up every time she sees Joe. She thinks she is able to give Lloyd some advice because she already experienced heartbreak, but nearly all her advice turns out to be the wrong advice. Aren’t we all a little like that? Thinking so often that we can ‘teach’ someone heartbreak?

Lloyd, of course, is the ultimate boyfriend. He is sensitive, caring, funny, does not take himself too seriously and is not afraid to express how he feels. He also has this adorable trait of lapsing into verbal diarrhoea every time he feels awkward, which is hilarious. I like Cusack so much more back then than I do now (expect for his role as Ed in the movie Identity which I loved); I think this was some honest acting from him and it was awesome!

Because of my intense love of coming-of-age films and the fact that this movie is so enjoyable with more than a few laugh out loud moments, I give this movie a 9!

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