The Monuments Men (2014)… starring every a-list male lead, from the 00’s.


The Monuments Men

My rating: 6

IMDB rating: 6.1

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Dearest reader,

So, what if Indiana Jones met Last Vegas, with just a touch of Inglorious Basterds? Well, apparently you get a very mediocre movie by a bunch of a-list male leads…

The idea of this movie (if you can call it an idea, because it is based on a true story) is quite intriguing. During my discussion on Haneke’s Cache in an earlier post, I talked about the study of multidirectional memory and its connection with the study of history. Post-memory, especially, is the issue at hand here as it explains the transference of memory from one person to the next. The art that these men so desperately seek is an instrument of post-memory as it acts as an agent for this transference of memory.

I do think though, that they could have done a whole lot more with this movie. In that sense, the movie explores the boundaries between fact and fiction, or more to the point, documentary and fiction film. I say this not just because this film is based on a book, but because this film felt to me like a stating of the facts, rather than the specific build of a story.

I also have to say that the initial hype surrounding this film was quite overwhelming. Several people told me that this was an amazing film, but as I watched it I could not help but be a bit disappointed. Although it starred all the actors that one knows and loves (especially Monsieur Dujardin!), it sometimes felt like the only thing going for this film. The biggest cause of this disappointment, except the expectations that was not met, is the lack of story line.

The reason that I chose Indiana Jones to compare this film to, was because of the music. Especially during the last scenes in the mine, it both looked and sounded like the typical Harrison-Ford-with-a-fedora-type of setting. Can this maybe be done to create a type of anachronism? Maybe, but it does create an anachronism that I think this movie can do without.

-The role of the only female lead, played by Cate Blanchett, I must say this is a refreshing twist. Blanchett shows herself to be convincing, with a great depth and an almost traditional sense of French melancholia…-

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