Side Effects (2013)… it all started with a little disapointment


Side Effects

My rating: 7

IMDB rating: 7.1

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Dearest reader,

What started out as an intense mixture of drama and romance, turned out to be the exact opposite… It will be very difficult to talk about this film without giving some spoilers, but I am going to try…

The most prominent theme in this movie, to me, is disappointment and blame. Although, we can most of the time easily convey our feelings of anger or even love; disappointment and blame is a whole other ball game.

Most of the time we blame in silence and we bury our disappointments deeper and deeper until they someday return from their repressed state, manifesting in some horrible action or a infamous ‘Freudian slip’.

Rooney Mara is the perfect actress for this part, she portrays both sides of the multifaceted Emily with a convincing grace. I think that I can be unnecessarily hard on Jude Law, especially after his fiasco with playing Karenin in Anna Karenina, but in the end he really did surprise in this film as the focus turned away from Emily to him. Both Tatum and Zeta-Jones take the backseat for this movie, which to me is a refreshing twist.


Just a small note on the LGBT-twist in this movie… To me, this is a very good example of queer cinema being integrated into mainstream Hollywood. Although this lesbian relationship is a huge part of the story line, it becomes almost normative in the sense that the performances of Mara and Zeta-Jones, to me, will not be remembered for their queerness, but rather for their mischievous betrayals.

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