Robocop (2014)… cue Samuel L. Jackson!



My rating: 4

IMDb rating: 6.4

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Dearest reader,

I, unfortunately, have to confess something horrible… I hate blockbuster films! I just do, to me they have little artistic input, a lot of CGI (which I have respect for, but in moderation) and sometimes really shitty actors (that are only chosen for their aesthetic value).

Conventions of these blockbusters or ‘disaster films’ are:

  1. that they have more or less a standard plot (something, in this case robots and the people that endorse them, are threatening the world and someone has to save us);
  2. some sort of destruction of the ‘home’ construct takes place (Alex is ripped from his family by the explosion and subsequent robotic state);
  3. there is a clear opposition between good and bad (OmniCorp versus the Murphy family and Dr Norton);
  4. a lone, white male is the sole voice of reason (in this case Dr. Norton assumes this role);
  5. the predominance of spectacular special effects (the shot of only Alex’s head and lungs is pretty amazing!);
  6. one of the sub-plots is a standard love story (Clara and Alex);
  7. the characters face impossible choices in extreme circumstances (Clara has to choose to let Alex live or not, while Alex has to choose to overcome his programming);
  8. there is an exploration of human responsibility (this is definitely the over-arching theme of this film);
  9. the containment of racial and gender conflicts through the inclusion of token black or female noble side-kicks (Alex has a blac partner, while Dr. Norton has a female partner).

Another confession that I have to make is that I have not yet seen the 1987 Robocop, so I can really not comment on the comparison of the two films.

I tried to go into this film as open-minded as I could, but the cheesy dialogue, unemotional acting and the fact that I think they could have done more with the moral complexity that a film like this creates, just made it so hard for me to like this film!

I have to say that the film did keep me engaged until the very end; I wanted to know if Alex was strong enough, emotionally, to overcome his programming (of course it is a blockbuster and therefore he just had to overcome it, but at least I wanted to know how he did it). And all in all, I am glad that I saw it and that I can now join in the conversation, but I will definitely not watch it a second time!

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