The Dark Knight Rises (2012)… If there’s a Gotham, there’s a guarantee!



My rating: 9

IMDB rating: 8.6

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(Sorry, today’s post do contain SPOILERS)

Today, in honour of my brother’s 20th birthday, I watched The Dark Knight Rises, although The Dark Knight is his favourite movie of all time, I rewatched this one because I just loved it more.

Let me explain… As a film student, I should be allergic to these films with massive budgets, emphasised commerciality, bad dialogue and worse of all some plot gaps, but still if you ask me what the best film I’ve seen in 2012 on the big screen was; it would without hesitation be The Dark Knight Rises.

Therefore, to me, the success in this film was in the jarring experience I had when watching it. It was a total overtaking of your senses and your understanding of some fundamental issues. Visually, this film was a treat to watch, the different locations (not only sticking to ‘Gotham’), the costumes, the technology and of course the destruction of the city- watching it the second time around I also noticed the way in which Christopher Nolan incorporated silence as an effective method of emphasise.

Any form of totalitarian rule has always intrigued me greatly. The chronic administration of fear with just a dash of hope, as Bane explains in this film, is just enough to keep people under complete and total rule. The same kind of theme emerges in The Hunger Games and it forces you to stop and to examine the things that you are so eager to believe, whether it be from someone in an authority position or a loved one.

In fact President Snow of The Hunger Games once said: “Hope. It is the only thing stronger than fear.” This is so clear in those film as well, why does the people in Bane’s prison keep trying to climb the wall? Because the hope of freedom is stronger than the fear of isolation and death. The addition of these issues, to me, add a depth to Batman, or any superhero movie for that matter, that I have not experienced before, and I love it!

Being the end of the trilogy, this film had to pick up a lot of pieces from the previous two films. Alfred’s loyalty had to be tested, Batman’s identity had to be revealed (if only to a select few, as these movies go a successor had to be chosen and Bruce had to offer it all to Gotham (in other words he had to die, truly or in Gotham’s mind).

Another welcoming turn that this film took, and I’ve seen it a few times in the past year or so, is that the main antagonist or villain is in fact a woman. I am not any sort of authority on the Batman comics, but something that did irritate me a bit was the fact that was the League of Shadow’s leader’s daughter. I feel that if you took out that connection and only portrayed her as someone who, for example wants control of Gotham, it would have added to the impact of the violence and of this ‘totalitarian’ coup d’etat I mentioned earlier.

I gave this film a ‘9’, because as far as these blockbuster-superhero-type of movies go, to me, it has certainly been a ‘9’. In the bigger view of things though, this film cannot compete with something like The Battle of Algiers, which I will be reviewing tomorrow,  and would then probably only get a 6/7.

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