Disconnect (2012)…check



My rating: 8

IMDB rating: 7.6

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1433811/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Dearest reader,

When I started my first job this year, I was very blessed to be working with people that truly inspire me. One of these people recommended Disconnect to me as a true example of postmodernism. After watching this I could not agree more… and texted her that (ironically!).

Before even starting this movie, I saw Alexander Skarsgard’s name in the credits and I was rejoicing! I am absolutely in love with the three Skarsgard brothers and their work and this movie is no exception. Skarsgard steps away from his highly sexed television gig and portrays, in this movie, a side of him he rarely gets the chance to show. Playing an ex-marine, disconnected from his mundane job and his wife, is really the type of roles I would like to see him play more regularly.

Other stand-out performances in this movie include; the underrated Jason Bateman, Andrea Riseborough, Colin Ford and Max Thieriot as ‘Kyle’. Haley Ramm and Hope Davis really did not impress this time around, while I am still divided on Paula Patton.

What makes this movie so amazing is that, unlike other multiple perspective films, you identify with each and every ‘scenario’ in this film. Also, this film did not have the we-are-all-actually-tied part that some mainstream multiple perspective films like to follow, which also adds to this intense sense of disconnectedness.

The theme in this movie is carried throughout and supported by motifs like technology, identity and death, it makes this film the postmodernistic phenomena which it set out to be. Sex, and especially the sex industry that Kyle represent, is another motif that carries the theme throughout.

A truly excellent film with amazing performances, bravo!


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