Let me introduce myself…


Dearest reader, 

I have been playing with the idea of dedicating myself to blogging for a year, for a while now. But decided that if I was going to do it, it was going to be by my rules: first of all, the contents of this blog and everything that I say and do here, is dedicated to my mother. Mom, I miss you dearly and I wish you were still here to cheer me on through this journey.

If there is one thing that my mother taught me, it is dedication. She believed that once you started something, you follow through! She lost the battle with cancer about a month ago and since then I have been more determined than ever to dedicate myself to this project.

But how will it work? I am currently studying postgraduate Afrikaans/Dutch film, theatre and prose and I am planning to also do the rest of my postgraduate studies on film and film criticism. Therefore, with this blog, I will be watching and analysing films. Good films, bad films, new films, classic films, Hollywood films, South African films, etc. for a whole year. Some post will be long and in-depth, other will be short (for example: “this film is really shitty, full stop.”). I will be making spelling and language errors, I am only human. I will have an opinion, so if you disagree- please let me know!

Although, I hope that there will be a few people reading this blog- I am doing this for myself, and for you, mom!

Love you, forever!



Me being myself!


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